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Hi! I'm Nancy. Healing of heart, mind, and soul is my passion. My soul wound led me to a healing journey through Christ that set me free and restored my joy. Sharing this hope with you is what gets me up in the morning. 

I understand the pain of sexual trauma and I want to help you. I've created a gift for you with Scriptures and activities to nurture and heal your soul.


As abuse survivors, we often struggle with anxiety and sorrow. We need some TLC for our souls. Without it, we stagnate in our spiritual growth, we persist in unhelpful habits, and we miss out on the gentle comfort and restoration that Jesus offers. This free gift from my heart to yours, "Soul Care RX," is the prescription to nourish your soul.


What will the Soul Care RX provide for me?

Eight Scriptures with activities to help you...

  • increase peace 

  • decrease anxiety

  • release your cares to Jesus

  • replace lies with truth 

  • experience more enjoyment of life

Please join me as together we pursue hope, healing, and Jesus. With your RX, you will also receive my monthly newsletter, Hope for Healing, with tips, teachings, and Christ-centered encouragement toward healing.




God is ready to mend your heart!

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Are you tired of being stuck? Ready to open your heart to a healing journey with God? My book, Heartmending: God Can Heal Your Heartbreak From Sexual Abuse offers transparency and compassion using biblical truth, practical steps, and hope for restoration. 


I show you how God can lead you through a process of telling your story, learning healthy coping skills, lamenting, caring for your soul, forgiving, and being restored to joy and wholeness. Healing from sexual trauma IS possible.



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Nurture your soul with this journal

Reflect. Grow. Be transformed. 

Journal your way toward healing using 150 faith-based writing prompts and art pages (no skill required!).  

I created this journal to help you discover hope, comfort, and the assurance that God is actively working to restore you and set you free.

Written for sojourners desiring to heal from any soul wound (not only abuse): betrayal, injustice, rejection, abandonment, or humiliation.

About me

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I fell in love with Jesus forty years ago while on my honeymoon in Europe when Tom and I went to L'Abri in Switzerland. I've been in pursuit of His transformative truth ever since.


I thrive on Earl Grey, green smoothies, sourdough, and chocolate. After sixty years in Southern California, we relocated to the breathtaking Pacific Northwest to be near our daughters and five grandchildren.


When I'm not writing, I'm hiking in the forest, playing with my puppy Rosie, hanging out with grandchildren, or laughing my head off with Tom.

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I'm here for you.                Let's connect. 

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Have a question or comment? A topic you'd like me to address?

How may I pray for you? I'm happy to respond to all emails.

Click here or email me at

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