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Flowers on Wood

Are you looking for a speaker at a women's event?

Whether you want to serve your audience with a nurturing topic like soul care, or minister to the hurting by addressing a soul wound like sexual abuse, Nancy is your person.

Who is Nancy Manassero?

As a sexual abuse survivor and lover of Jesus, Nancy is passionate about helping others find hope and healing through Christ. Her book, Heartmending: God Can Heal Your Sexual Abuse, released in 2023 and is already leading survivors on a healing journey.

Nancy is a retired RN who makes her home in the Pacific Northwest with her hero husband, Tom, and her terrier, Rosie. Her adult children and their families live nearby.

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Flowers on Wood

Choose from the following topics:

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  • My story

  • How I came to write Heartmending

  • Breaking the shame and silence

  • Grooming tactics

  • How we cope

  • The theology of blame

  • Identity in Christ

  • Hope for healing

  • Soul care

  • ​Forgiveness

  • Reimagining your future


Sexual abuse


  • You must forgive and forget

  • They don’t deserve your forgiveness

  • You need to “get over it”

  • If you forgive, you must reconcile

  • You must tell your abuser that you’ve forgiven him/her

  • Forgiving minimizes your abuse

  • You need to forgive yourself

  • Don’t forgive until you feel forgiving

  • God will understand why I can’t forgive

  • Forgiveness should happen immediately

  • If I forgive, my abuser will be getting away with it

  • I don't need to forgive my unrepentant abuser

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Myths of Forgiveness



  • Difference between self care and soul care

  • Spiritual bread and water

  • ​Stillness

  • Spending time in nature

  • ​Gratitude

  • Life-draining vs. life-giving activities

  • Tame your triggers

  • Examine strongholds

  • Choose obedience

  • Protect your soul

Soul Care

Presentations are approximately one hour in length but can be customized to your audience.

Nancy requests that her book, Heartmending, be made available for sale.

To schedule Nancy to speak, contact:


Listen to Nancy on the Find Hope Here podcast

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