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Your honest review on Amazon will offer insight to other potential readers and will boost the book's exposure. You may post anonymously. I thank you in advance for your review.  

If you are not a sexual abuse survivor, please consider buying a copy for your pastor, a local counseling center, a high school or college library, a Christian ob-gyn or pediatrician, a prison library, or a women's shelter.

A counselor who previewed the book said, 

"Heartmending is an inspirational story that draws survivors of sexual abuse to a deeper level of healing. Nancy offers insight, prayer, and guidance to survivors engaged by her story. This book is useful for survivors as well as clinicians. Heartmending details a therapeutic approach complementing the traditional counseling office and gives the reader practical tips on how to keep moving forward on the journey of healing. This raw book contains phenomenal support, resources, and compassion."

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